Elect Melanie Wen 

 for Public School Board Trustee for wards 1 & 2

Melanie is a/an 


Melanie is a proud mother of two children currently attending public school. She enjoys gardening, traveling and adventurous cooking. Melanie wants to represent you on the Calgary School Board where she will work for the best interest of your children.


Melanie is currently volunteering for the ECSSEN Career School bread project that provides free bread for low income families and the elderly. She is also involved in the Chinese Emotional Hotline that provides emotional support to the Chinese community during the pandemic and beyond. 

Experience Board Member

Melanie brings seven years of experience as a business analyst and five years of experience in governance. 


Melanie has written two books. One children’s book named The Story of Mulan and a cook book named Taste of Mom.